Welcome to Chiefpansancolt's Developer Space

Here you will find all the offereings Chief has built over the years, from Ruby Gems, Node Packages, Salesforce Resources and Packages, and Websites. Checkout documentation for each where applicable here.

Ruby Gems

Ruby Gems Available to install via Ruby.

Simplecov Output of HTML using Tailwind UX design

Node Packages

Packages available to install via Node JS.

Stimulus Extension

Stimulus x Tailwind

A Package built to mimic headless UI for stimulus usage, favoring Tailwind style Guide

Salesforce Resources & Packages

Packages and Resources available for Salesforce.com

Salesforce Package

Package Builder

A Installable Package that provides a user the ability to build Package.xml or sfdx Cmd outputs with ease.

Salesforce Resources

LWC Components

Standard Components built with SLDS flavors for LWC usage.


Websites built by Christopher Pezza available to the public to view and explore.

Portfolio site about Christopher Pezza with resume.